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Aljazeera latest :

Strikes allover Europe calling for an immediate cease-fire

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators rallied in cities across Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Asia on Saturday to show support for the Palestinians amid brutal Israeli military onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

In one of the biggest marches, large crowds marched through the centre of the British capital, London, to demand the government of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak call for a ceasefire.

Saturday’s march in London was mostly peaceful, but police said they had made nine arrests: two for assaults on officers and seven for public order offences – some of which were being treated as hate crimes.

Police estimated the turnout at between 50,000 and 70,000 people.

Echoing Washington’s stance, Sunak’s government has stopped short of calling for a ceasefire, and instead advocated humanitarian pauses to allow aid to reach people in Gaza.

The United Kingdom has supported Israel’s “right to defend” itself after the October 7 attack by Hamas killed more than 1,400 people, mostly civilians.

The death toll in Gaza has crossed 7,700, also mostly civilians, since Israel’s bombardment began three weeks ago, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

In Malaysia, a large crowd of demonstrators chanted slogans outside the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

An estimated 100,000 people rallied in the southern Indian state of Kerala in solidarity with Palestine.

Addressing hundreds of thousands of supporters at a huge rally in Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Israel was an occupier, and repeated his stance about Hamas not being a “terrorist” organisation.

Netanyahu says war entering ‘second stage’ as Israeli troops push into Gaza

“This is the second stage of the war whose goals are clear – to destroy Hamas’s governing and military capabilities and to bring the hostages home,” Netanyahu told reporters.

“We are only at the start. We will destroy the enemy above ground and below ground.”

Netanyahu’s comments came as Gaza continued to be under a near-total communications blackout overnight amid intense Israeli bombardment thought to be aimed at clearing the way for troops to push into the enclave.

Palestinian media outlets on Sunday reported that telephone and internet communications were gradually being restored to the enclave.

Tareq Abu Azzoum, reporting from Khan Younis in Gaza, said on Friday that Israel’s bombardment of the enclave had intensified in the eastern and northern areas of the strip.

“These kinds of attacks are giving clear permission to the Israeli ground troops to keep going deeper into the territory,” Abu Azzoum said.

Israeli military officials have confirmed that troops and armored vehicles have been operating in northern Gaza since Friday but have stopped short of calling the escalation in ground operations an “invasion”.

Israel’s military had until now restricted its ground operations to brief incursions by its forces into the enclave.

‘There is zero work’: Occupied West Bank paralyzed as economy stalls

“There is zero work,” 40-year-old driver Saleh Nakhleh told Al Jazeera from the rest stop at the bus station, in the central Israeli-occupied West Bank.

“We are barely making ends meet,” the father-of-four said.

While drivers can usually earn between 350 to 400 shekels ($86 to $98) a day, their daily income has dropped to about 100 shekels ($24), he explained.

Israel’s continuing military assault on the besieged Gaza Strip was launched in tandem with intensified army restrictions and Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, leaving the three million Palestinian residents there in a state of paralysis and economic standstill.

Major checkpoints are closed, cafes are empty, the once-overflowing university classrooms are void of students and produce on the shelves of stores is starting to dwindle. Travel between cities and to surrounding villages has become a dangerous and difficult feat.

“We do not leave Ramallah – all the roads are closed and there are checkpoints everywhere. People are afraid, and we cannot take responsibility for anyone’s life,” said 35-year-old driver

Pictures From Palestine

what a Crime ?!

latest News : War is About to start !

what is the Issue in the Middle east ?

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is a long-standing and complex issue with deep historical, political, and religious roots. It is not accurate to describe it as a "war" in the traditional sense, as it involves a series of conflicts, tensions, and disputes rather than a single, continuous war.

The core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict revolves around competing national aspirations and territorial claims in the region known as historic Palestine. Both Israelis and Palestinians have historical and emotional ties to the land, and they have been in conflict for many decades.

Key points in the conflict's history include:

1. **The Balfour Declaration (1917):** The Balfour Declaration, issued by the British government during World War I, expressed support for the establishment of a "national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine. This marked the beginning of the Zionist movement's quest for a Jewish state.

2. **The 1947 UN Partition Plan:** The United Nations proposed a plan to partition Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states, along with an international administration for Jerusalem. While accepted by Jewish leaders, it was rejected by Arab leaders.

3. **The 1948 Arab-Israeli War:** After the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, neighboring Arab states invaded, leading to a conflict that resulted in Israel's expansion and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs, leading to ongoing refugee issues.

4. **The Six-Day War (1967):** In 1967, Israel defeated several Arab countries in a brief war and occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights, leading to increased tension and resistance in these territories.

5. **The Oslo Accords (1993):** The Oslo Accords were a series of agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) that aimed to establish a framework for a negotiated settlement, leading to the creation of the Palestinian Authority.

6. **Continued Conflict:** The conflict has continued over issues such as borders, settlements, the status of Jerusalem, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees. It has resulted in numerous violent clashes, uprisings (intifadas), and periods of relative calm.

7. **Current Situation:** As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the situation was marked by periodic outbreaks of violence and stalled peace talks. It's essential to note that the situation might have evolved since then. For the most current information, it's advisable to consult reputable news sources.

Efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been ongoing, with various peace initiatives and negotiations over the years. However, achieving a lasting and comprehensive resolution remains a significant challenge due to deeply rooted issues and deeply held national and religious sentiments on both sides.

The Land owners ? who are they ? Palestine # Israel ?

The question of ownership or sovereignty over Palestine is a highly contentious and unresolved issue at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There are two main entities that lay claim to sovereignty over different parts of the territory:

State of Israel: Israel, established in 1948, claims sovereignty over a portion of historic Palestine, which includes the areas within its pre-1967 borders. These areas consist of land that Israel controls, governs, and administers as its state, with Jerusalem as its capital. The international community recognizes the State of Israel, and it is a member of the United Nations.

Palestinian Authority (and Hamas in Gaza): The Palestinian Authority, led by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), claims sovereignty over the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian leadership seeks to establish an independent state of Palestine in these areas. Hamas, an Islamist organization, controls the Gaza Strip independently of the Palestinian Authority, adding complexity to the situation.

The status of Jerusalem is one of the most contentious issues. Both Israelis and Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital, with Israel asserting sovereignty over the entire city, including East Jerusalem, which Palestinians consider the capital of their future state.

The international community, including the United Nations, has played a role in efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Numerous resolutions and peace initiatives have been proposed, but a final settlement has remained elusive. Negotiations between the two parties have often broken down over issues such as borders, the status of refugees, the future of Jerusalem, and security arrangements.

The question of ownership or sovereignty over Palestine remains a core obstacle to a comprehensive resolution of the conflict, and achieving a lasting peace agreement continues to be a complex and deeply divisive challenge.

The Solution ?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a deeply complex and longstanding issue, and there is no simple solution. Achieving a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians requires addressing a multitude of political, historical, and humanitarian issues. Numerous proposals and peace plans have been put forward over the years, but a comprehensive solution typically involves several key components:

1. **Two-State Solution:** The most widely discussed solution is the establishment of two separate states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security. This would involve the creation of a viable, independent Palestinian state alongside Israel. The borders of these states, the status of Jerusalem, and the resolution of Palestinian refugee issues would need to be negotiated.

2. **Negotiations:** Direct negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders are crucial for reaching a comprehensive agreement. These negotiations should address final borders, the status of Jerusalem, security arrangements, water rights, and the rights of refugees. International mediation and support, including from the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, and Arab countries, can play a critical role in facilitating these talks.

3. **Security:** Ensuring the security of both Israelis and Palestinians is essential. Any peace agreement must include effective security arrangements that address the concerns of both parties and prevent violence and terrorism.

4. **Jerusalem:** The status of Jerusalem is a deeply sensitive and contentious issue. A solution may involve dividing Jerusalem into Israeli and Palestinian areas, or establishing a shared, internationally-administered status for the city, allowing both sides to have access to their holy sites.

5. **Settlements:** The issue of Israeli settlements in the West Bank is a significant obstacle to peace. A solution would likely involve the removal or consolidation of some settlements to allow for the establishment of a contiguous Palestinian state.

6. **Palestinian Refugees:** Addressing the rights and status of Palestinian refugees, including their potential return or compensation, is another critical component of any peace agreement.

7. **Economic Development:** Fostering economic development in the region is essential to improve living conditions for Palestinians and enhance the prospects for a peaceful future.

8. **International Support:** International support, including economic assistance and security guarantees, is vital to help both parties implement and sustain any agreement.

9. **Public Support and Reconciliation:** Building public support and trust among both Israelis and Palestinians is essential for the success of any peace process. This often involves reconciliation efforts, educational programs, and people-to-people initiatives.

10. **Comprehensive Regional Approach:** Given the regional dimensions of the conflict, a comprehensive approach involving neighboring Arab states can be important. This approach can promote stability and cooperation in the region.

It's important to recognize that achieving a lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a highly challenging endeavor, and there have been numerous setbacks in the past. The willingness of both parties to engage in serious negotiations, international support, and a conducive political environment are all critical factors in moving toward a solution. Additionally, solutions may evolve over time, and new approaches may be needed to address the evolving dynamics of the conflict.

What are the major obstacles to peace in the region?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is marked by several major obstacles to achieving a lasting peace in the region. These obstacles are deeply ingrained and have persisted for decades, making the peace process highly challenging. Some of the major obstacles include:

1. **Territorial Issues:** Disagreements over the borders and land are a fundamental obstacle. Israelis and Palestinians have competing claims to the same territory, which has led to conflicts over territory control, settlements, and access to resources.

2. **Status of Jerusalem:** Jerusalem holds profound religious and historical significance for both Israelis and Palestinians. The dispute over the status of Jerusalem, particularly the Old City and its holy sites, remains a deeply contentious issue.

3. **Settlements:** Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are seen as a significant obstacle to peace by the international community and Palestinians. These settlements are considered illegal under international law and have been a source of tension and disputes.

4. **Refugee Issue:** The status and rights of Palestinian refugees and their descendants, who were displaced during various conflicts, remain a divisive issue. Palestinians seek a "right of return" to their ancestral homes, while Israelis are concerned about the demographic impact of such a return.

5. **Security Concerns:** Ensuring the security of both Israelis and Palestinians is a fundamental concern. Ongoing violence and security threats, including terrorism, have undermined trust and made it difficult to achieve a peaceful resolution.

6. **Internal Political Divisions:** Both Israeli and Palestinian leaderships have been politically divided. This division has made it challenging for leaders to negotiate and implement peace agreements that represent the broader interests of their respective populations.

7. **Historical Narratives:** The historical narratives and national identities of both Israelis and Palestinians are deeply rooted and often in conflict. These narratives can shape public opinion and impact the willingness to compromise.

8. **External Interference:** Regional and international powers have played a role in shaping the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Different countries and actors have vested interests, and their involvement can complicate peace efforts.

9. **Lack of Trust:** Years of conflict, mistrust, and violence have eroded trust between the parties. Building confidence and trust is a significant challenge in any peace process.

10. **Political and Economic Factors:** Economic disparities and political issues, including corruption, governance, and the distribution of resources, have hindered progress towards peace.

11. **Extremist Groups:** The presence of extremist groups on both sides has fueled violence and obstructed peace efforts. These groups can use violence to undermine negotiations.

12. **Changing Demographics:** The changing demographics of the region, with both Israeli and Palestinian populations growing, can affect the balance of power and complicate negotiations.

Overcoming these obstacles and achieving a lasting peace will require the commitment and engagement of both parties, support from the international community, and creative diplomacy. While numerous peace initiatives and negotiations have taken place over the years, reaching a comprehensive solution remains a challenging endeavor.



Our Latest Articles - News 22/09/2023

Soon ! Mr Slah Hadji will release his books in Arabic Language Beside The Greek and English copies, in Amazon - E-bay - BookMundo & Etsy to the public - Arab readers & the community libraries :

As He says << Since the childhood >> Mr Slah Hadji is in love with writing through fiction and Social drama Books, after he attended University In Tunis (ISSHT University) on the English Literature Civilizations and Applied Diplomacy (3 years Branch)
He decided before he travels To Egypt and Spain to start Writing his diaries. Unfortunately He says that those Drafts been lost - he lost them During his Transfer Planes (from Cairo - To Amman) Once he was travelling to visit his Family back in Tunisia.
After 10 years That he settled In Europe, he decided Finally to collect
what stays from his Notes and his written Drafts and gather them all, in a coherent book.
He divided His Narrations Works into 4 main Books:

1) Confrontation between The Reality & Mind
2) Jailed By The Unicorn (Al-Buraq)
3) On that earth, Something Ain't worth living !
4) The Beast's Dust, Asked the Tunisian Origin Writer's what was the trigger Behind His writings:
He says ‘’ It is All About Mind Sharpness ! Mind In loneliness ‘’
he says : as Sir Albert Einstein and Sir Tesla said:
‘’ The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude ‘’
In his own words he says, All what you need is a plain white book, and a Black pen, It can't be Rather then a black pen !

We Also Asked him About the date when he should be releasing the Arabic Translations of the existing books, he answered that the operation of publishing is complicated, and needs some time, He says May be in A matter of one Month or two … since His other, short of time, family and business engagements.
In Addition we asked Him if the price would be around 40 Euro as the,
other Non Arabic copies, He said absolutely No !
The price of the Arabic copies would be Less. Just For a symbolic: 
(cost of book production fee). He says: That he consider These Translations to his original language is a ‘’ Gift ‘’ for the Arabic Language
Itself, His Native Country, family, Friends and Teachers.

Finally Mr Slah Hadji said, that he will Make sure To print enough Copies In Arabic Language for FREE, In the aim to distribute & Publish, His works in His MBA Village where he grew Up and he lived all his Childhood.


03/09/2023 updates:

Farmer Unveils the Astonishing Truth Behind the Enigmatic Shell he found on his land !

In a quiet place called deep, there was a farmer named Mateo Suarez. You would think that Carlos Spegazzini is a name and not a place, but it’s not like that. Carlos Spegazzini a city in Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the Ezeiza Partido, and is located in the center-south part of it. It is named in honor of the famous botanist Carlos Luigi Spegazzini.

Every morning, Mateo followed his usual routine. The fields were covered in dew, making them look beautiful and peaceful. But something unexpected happened that day. As Mateo walked through the muddy ground, he saw something amazing. It was a big, black shell with scales, like those of a reptile. It was hidden among the tall grass near the stream. Its enormous size and strange texture made him feel excited and a little scared at the same time.

His heart started beating faster as he felt a mix of amazement and nervousness while getting closer to the mysterious thing. The beautiful sound of birds singing in the morning became less noticeable as this incredible find captivated his attention. With shaky fingers, he extended his hand, feeling a combination of excitement and curiosity overpowering him.

But deep down, a flicker of integrity refused to be extinguished. Mateo knew that his discovery held significance beyond its monetary value—it was a piece of history, a glimpse into a world that had long been lost.

With bated breath, Mateo lifted the veil of uncertainty, exposing the truth to the world. Gasps of astonishment reverberated through the space as the identity of the mysterious shell was revealed—a remnant from the ancient past, but not the fossilized egg of a dinosaur.

Gallery Images of August 2023



China's former head, expelled from Communist Party

BEIJING, Aug 30 (Reuters) - China's former head of the National Religious Affairs Administration has been expelled from the Communist Party and removed from public office over "serious" violations and suspected bribery, the country's anti-graft watchdog said on Wednesday.

Cui Maohu, who also served as deputy head of the United Front Work Department, was found to have "illegally occupied arable land to engage in vanity projects," the party's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Commission of Supervision said in a statemen

UN vote on Lebanon peacekeeping force delayed as France, US, UAE argue

UNITED NATIONS, Aug 30 (Reuters) - A planned United Nations vote on Wednesday to renew approval for a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon has been delayed as France, the United States and the United Arab Emirates argue over the freedom of movement of U.N. troops, diplomats said.

The U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) - established in 1978 - patrols Lebanon's southern border with Israel. The mandate for the operation is renewed annually and its current authorization will expire on Thursday.

The Security Council stalemate comes amid an escalating war of words between Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon with each vowing to return the other to the "stone age" and preparing for possible conflict even as they deny seeking one.

France has drafted a U.N. Security Council resolution to extend the peacekeeping mission for another year, but the United States and the United Arab Emirates argue it has weakened some language on the ability of U.N. troops to move freely.

Shein deal kills several birds with one stone

TORONTO, Aug 24 (Reuters Breakingviews) - Shein isn’t wasting any time in the U.S. battle for buyers of ultra-fast fashion. The Chinese retailer said on Thursday that it is partnering with Forever 21. Shein, which uses data to pump out $5 crop tops and $8 floral dresses, will acquire about a one-third interest in Forever 21’s operator, Sparc, which is a joint venture between Authentic Brands and mall owner Simon Property (SPG.N). In exchange, Sparc will become a minority shareholder in Shein. The clever relationship kills a few birds with one stone.

Shein is highly skilled at manufacturing TikTok-friendly wares, but has come under attack for its ESG credentials. The partnership gives the company proximity to an American brand, and validation could help pave the way to an initial public offering. Meantime, Forever 21, which was bought out of bankruptcy by a consortium in 2020, gets to be in front of Shein’s 150 million customers. Mall operator Simon might be able to learn something about e-commerce, which it could apply to other Authentic Brands assets including Brooks Brothers. And the early investment could potentially be a precursor to Sparc’s potential future listing.



Heineken exits Russia with €1 sale of operations

Heineken has completed its lengthy exit from Russia with the sale of its operations there for a symbolic €1, after Moscow clamped down on asset sales in retaliation for western sanctions.

The Dutch brewer, which also owns the Amstel, Birra Moretti and Tiger brands, said it would be taking a €300m loss as a result of the sale, which will see it transfer all of its remaining assets, including seven breweries, to Russia’s Arnest Group.

The multinational brewer, which also owns UK craft brewer Beavertown, faced criticism for the slow pace of its exit in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, but had insisted it was seeking to look after its 1,800 employees in Russia.

Arnest Group owns a major can packaging business and is Russia’s largest manufacturers of cosmetics, households goods and metal packaging for the fast-moving consumer goods sector.

Arnest has agreed to guarantee the employment of Heineken’s local staff for three years as part of the deal, which the Dutch company said “took much longer” than hoped.

 Dutch multinational brewer takes €300m loss from transfer of assets to Russia’s Arnest Group

Latest Updates: world News:      30/07/2023

Your recent cold could be Covid-19, as the nation goes into a late summer covid19 wave !

reference: CNN

Covid-19 tests are been selling more this summer.
Yes, many signs are pointing to a Covid-19 summer surge – although one that’s far less intense than what emerged the past few summers.

Experts say they do not expect that cases will be severe or that the uptick will be prolonged, and there are early signs from wastewater data that this wavelet may already be leveling out.

But data posted this week by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that many Covid-19 indicators, including hospital admissions, emergency department visits and test positivity, are once again on the rise.

Independent commercial laboratories are also noting the increase.
“When we look at our data, we have noticed that since late June to the beginning of July and probably through now, there has been a mild uptick in cases and these are based on samples sourced from pharmacy-based testing and also from health system-based testing,” said Shishi Luo, associate director of bioinformatics at Helix, a gene sequencing company which has been assisting the CDC with tracking the gene changes of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

These Covid-19 pandemic-era relief programs are expiring soon
Based on the mix of samples Helix receives, Luo says, it has seen a 30% to 40% increase in cases since June. But because cases were already at such a low level when they started to rise, Luo says that even with this upturn, we are still in pretty low-level territory compared with some previous spikes.

AstraZeneca's rare disease arm in $1 billion deal for Pfizer gene therapies : By Yadarisa Shabong (Reuters)

AstraZeneca (AZN.L) said on Friday its Alexion unit had agreed to buy U.S. drugmaker Pfizer's (PFE.N) early-stage rare disease gene therapy portfolio for up to $1 billion, plus royalties on sales, as the British drugmaker bets on new genetic therapies.

The British company also said Sharon Barr, head of research and development at Alexion, would succeed Mene Pangalos, the long-time biopharmaceuticals head of research at AstraZeneca

Pangalos was the public face of the company's COVID vaccine.

AstraZeneca bought Alexion for $39 billion in 2021. It focuses on rare diseases and plans to close the deal with Pfizer in the third quarter.

The deal will bring a number of novel adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsids to Alexion and help build on Alexion and AstraZeneca's capabilities in genomic medicine.

AAV capsids have been shown to be an effective mechanism for delivering therapeutic gene cargos for gene therapy and gene editing, the company said
AstraZeneca last October also bought U.S.-based gene therapy developer LogicBio Therapeutics for $68 million, a huge 660% premium.

Drugmakers including AstraZeneca, Merck & Co (MRK.N) and AbbVie (ABBV.N) said in April they were open to acquisitions. A drop in valuation of smaller U.S. biotech companies from pandemic highs has made deals more attractive.

AstraZeneca in January also struck a deal to buy U.S.-based drug developer CinCor Pharma for up to $1.8 billion to increase its stock of heart and kidney drugs.

Separately on Friday, AstraZeneca delivered better-than-expected profits and sales in the second quarter as a strong performance of its blockbuster cancer drugs helped offset the loss of COVID vaccine sales.

Reporting by Yadarisa Shabong in Bengaluru; Editing by Nivedita Bhattacharjee and Mark Potter

Ford recalls 870,000 F-150 trucks over unexpected parking brake activation


Reference: Reuters.

Ford Motor (F.N) said Friday it is recalling 870,000 F-150 trucks in the United States because of the risk of an unexpected activation of the electric parking brake due to a potential wiring issue.

The recall covers 2021 through 2023 model year F-150 trucks, according to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It covers trucks equipped with a single exhaust system. Contact with the rear axle housing may damage the wiring harness, causing the electric parking brake to activate unexpectedly, the automaker said.

Ford said it has received 918 warranty claims and three field reports for the wire chafing condition in North America. Of those, 299 indicated the electric parking brake had activated unintentionally including 19 while driving.

Ford said it is not aware of crashes or injuries related to the recall.

Dealers will install a protective tie strap, tape wrap and replace the harness as necessary.

Lufthansa headed for record result in 2023, CEO tells Focus Magazine


CEO of Lufthansa AG Carsten Spohr speaks during the annual results news conference of Germany’s flagship airline in Frankfurt.

German airline Lufthansa (LHAG.DE) is on course for a record year, even as it has fewer flights than originally planned this year, CEO Carsten Spohr told Focus news magazine on Friday.

"The average profit per passenger this year is 15 euros ($16.51)," he said, adding that the airline is now growing significantly again after recovering from the pandemic.

The company has scheduled thousands fewer flights than originally planned this year due to staff and aircraft shortages, said Spohr, who added that Lufthansa is hiring 1,200 people every month and has ordered 200 new aircraft.

Old News:        25/07/2023

Israel is undergoing a constitutional coup these days ? what is Happening - In the middle east ?

A military coup is underway in Israel. This is the unvarnished truth. At the same time, there is an attempt to play with words in order to avoid looking the reality in the eye. The rebels and their supporters are employing euphemisms and resorting to linguistic acrobatics rather than stating unequivocally that there is insubordination among many Israel Defense Forces reservists. They refer to it instead as “ceasing to volunteer.”

This rebellion is widespread and extends beyond the petitions that have already been signed by thousands of IDF reservists (in active duty or not), the Mossad and the Shin Bet secret service. It also exceeds the thousand or more pilots, air force technical staff, special ops personnel, elite units, Unit 8200 operatives and the technological unit of the Intelligence Branch, military doctors and more, who have not reported for reserve duty or warned that they will not report if the government’s judicial overhaul legislation, which they call regime change, is passed

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Health and heart Situation during the strikes that occurs allover the country !! something to worry about ? Country stability ?

Israel's Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday underwent a successful pacemaker implantation procedure, a surgery scheduled just days before the Knesset is set to vote on a controversial judicial reform bill.

Netanyahu, 73, got the pacemaker a week after he was hospitalised for dehydration and had a heart monitoring device implanted.

Back to the Prices inflations - Are we Going again for A rise up on Oil - (OPEC) To answer this question.

Oil prices rose to fresh three-month highs on Tuesday, as signs of tighter supplies and pledges by Chinese authorities to shore up the world's second-biggest economy lifted sentiment.

Brent futures gained 31 cents at $83.05 a barrel by 11:03 a.m. EDT, after hitting $83.30 earlier, the highest since April 19.

U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude rose 35 cents at $79.09. The contract earlier rose to $79.34 a barrel, the highest since April 19.


That's due to output cuts from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and allies.

Earlier-loading Brent contracts are selling above later loadings, a price structure known as backwardation indicating traders see tight supply, with the six-month spread near a two-and-a-half month high

Reuters resources.


The 1st Qatari telecoms company Ooredoo (ORDS.QA), Kuwait's Zain Group (ZAIN.KW) and Dubai-based TASC Towers Holding have entered into exclusive talks to create the Middle East and North Africa's largest tower company.

In a joint statement on Monday.  The negotiations are "to combine their approximately 30,000 telecommunication tower assets in Qatar, Kuwait, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq and Jordan into a jointly owned independent tower company in a cash and share deal," the statement said, adding they aimed to sign definitive agreements this quarter.

Ooredoo said in September it was "preparing for a potential carve out" of 20,000 of its towers without elaborating on the plans, while sources close to the matter said at the time it had engaged Morgan Stanley to work on a deal.

"Both Ooredoo and Zain will retain their respective active infrastructure, including wireless communication antennas, intelligent software, and intellectual property with respect to managing their telecom networks," the joint statement said on Monday

North Korea fires two missiles after US submarine arrives in South Korea

North Korea had yesterday fired, two ballistic missiles into the sea off its east coast late on Monday, South Korea's military said, hours after a U.S. nuclear-powered submarine arrived in a naval base in the South.

Japan's defence ministry also reported the launch of what it said were two ballistic missiles by North Korea, both of which fell outside its exclusive economic zone.

The launches come amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula as South Korea and the United States take steps to increase their military readiness against North Korea's weapons programme with the deployment of U.S. strategic military assets.

Tik Tok is Going to be Chinese also ?

TikTok is planning to launch in early August an e-commerce platform to sell China-made goods in the United States, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the plan.

The short-video app is seeking to replicate the American success of Chinese shopping platforms Shein and Temu and will be responsible for the storage and shipping of items on behalf of manufacturers and merchants in China, the report said.

Δεν Ξεχνώ 1974

The Cyprus President's spouse Madam Philippa Karsera christodoulides mourns the Cypriot Bravery - The Ones who sacrificed their Life for Today's Cyprus Freedom


 Madam Philippa Karsera christodoulides Says:

‘’  Όσο μεγαλώνουμε, η ωριμότητα οδηγεί σε μεγαλύτερη συνειδητοποίηση της τραγωδίας των όσων έζησαν οι γονείς και οι παππούδες μας. Εκδιώχθηκαν βάναυσα από τα σπίτια τους και άρχισαν ξανά από το μηδέν μετρώντας τις πληγές τους, ανθρώπινες απώλειες, οικονομική, κοινωνική, συναισθηματική καταστροφή.
49 χρόνια είναι πάρα πολλά για να είσαι μακρυά από το σπίτι σου, τις εκκλησιές, τα χώματα σου. Η Κύπρος βίωσε και βιώνει προσφυγιά. Η Κύπρος Δεν Ξεχνά. Η Κύπρος, όλοι εμείς, θέλουμε λύση. Μία πατρίδα, επανενωμένη και ελεύθερη. Όλοι οι Κύπριοι μαζί σε συνθήκες ειρήνης. Αυτό θα είναι το καλύτερο μνημόσυνο στους πεσόντες, στους αγνοούμενους, στα παιδιά τους, στους ηρωικούς εγκλωβισμένους μας  ‘’

Translation Of Her Word:

As we grow older, maturity leads to a greater awareness of the tragedy of what our parents and grandparents went through. They were brutally evicted from their homes and started again from scratch counting their wounds, human losses, economic, social, emotional destruction.
49 years is too long to be away from your home, churches, lands. Cyprus experienced and is experiencing refugees. Cyprus Does Not Forget. Cyprus, all of us, want a solution. One country, reunited and free. All Cypriots together in peace. This will be the best memorial to the fallen, to the missing, to their children, to our heroic captives.

                                             Translation and Publishing Mo. Hadji

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Looking for a Job In Cyprus ?

Finding a job in Cyprus involves a similar process to job hunting in other countries. Here are some steps you can follow to increase your chances of finding employment in Cyprus:

Research the job market: Begin by researching the job market in Cyprus to understand the industries that are thriving and the types of jobs available. Common industries in Cyprus include tourism, hospitality, finance, shipping, and IT, among others.

 If you are not an EU/EEA citizen, make sure to check the work permit requirements for working in Cyprus. You may need a work permit, depending on your nationality and the type of work you'll be doing.

Polish your CV and cover letter: Tailor your CV (resume) and cover letter to showcase your skills, qualifications, and work experience relevant to the job you are applying for. Highlight any international experience or multilingual skills if applicable.

Use online job portals: Search for job openings in Cyprus using online job portals and websites. Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and local job boards like Ergodotisi or Cyprus Jobs can be helpful.

Networking: Networking can play a crucial role in finding job opportunities in Cyprus. Connect with professionals in your industry through LinkedIn, attend networking events, or join local business groups.

Contact recruitment agencies: Many companies in Cyprus use recruitment agencies to find suitable candidates for their job vacancies. Consider reaching out to such agencies and registering your CV with them.

Research companies: Identify companies you would like to work for and check their career sections on their websites for job postings.

Language proficiency: Depending on the job and the company, proficiency in Greek and/or English might be essential. Assess the language requirements for your desired position and work on improving your language skills if needed.

Follow up on applications: After submitting applications, follow up with the employers or HR departments to express your continued interest and inquire about the application process.

Prepare for interviews: If you get invited for an interview, prepare thoroughly by researching the company and practicing common interview questions.

Consider temporary or seasonal work: If you're having difficulty finding permanent employment, consider looking for temporary or seasonal work, especially in the tourism sector during peak seasons.

Remember that job hunting can be a process that requires patience and persistence. Stay positive, keep improving your skills, and remain open to new opportunities.


Good luck in your job search in Cyprus!

Iraq expels Swedish ambassador over planned Koran burning

July 20 (Reuters) 


Iraq expelled the Swedish ambassador on Thursday in protest at a planned burning of the Koran in Stockholm that had prompted hundreds of protesters to storm and set alight the Swedish embassy in Baghdad.

An Iraqi government statement said Baghdad had also recalled its charge d'affaires in Sweden, and Iraq's state news agency reported that Iraq had suspended the working permit of Sweden's Ericsson on Iraqi soil.

Anti-Islam protesters, one of whom is an Iraqi immigrant to Sweden that burned the Koran outside a Stockholm mosque in June, had applied for and received permission from Swedish police to burn the Koran outside the Iraqi embassy on Thursday.

In the event, the protesters kicked and partially destroyed a book they said was the Koran but left the area after one hour without setting it alight. The Koran, the central religious text of Islam, is believed by Muslims to be a revelation from God.

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said embassy staff were safe but Iraqi authorities had failed in their responsibility to protect the embassy.

The Iraqi government strongly condemned the burning of the Swedish embassy, according to a statement from the office of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani which declared it a security breach and vowed to protect diplomatic missions.

But Baghdad had also "informed the Swedish government ... that any recurrence of the incident involving the burning of the Holy Qur’an on Swedish soil would necessitate severing diplomatic relations", the statement said.

The freedom of speech laws are protected by the constitution and cannot be easily changed, but the government has said it is considering legal changes that would allow police to stop public burnings if they endanger Sweden's security.

The burnings also complicated Sweden's bid to join NATO. While Turkey said this month it will ratify Sweden's application, previous burnings have angered Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

Sweden's Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has criticised the burnings and said that while they are legal, they are inappropriate.

Reporting by Timour Azhari, Anna Ringstrom and Supantha Mukherjee; Additional reporting by Johan Ahlander and Marie Mannes in Stockholm, Louise Breusch Rasmussen in Copenhagen and Ahmed Rasheed in Baghdad; Writing by Timour Azhari and Johan Ahlander; Editing by Tom Hogue/Tom Perry, Lincoln Feast, Bernadette Baum, William Maclean
(reuters Resource)

North Korean hackers breached a US tech company to steal crypto

A North Korean government-backed hacking group penetrated an American IT management company and used it as a springboard to target cryptocurrency companies, the firm and cybersecurity experts said on Thursday.

The hackers broke into Louisville, Colorado-based JumpCloud in late June and used their access to the company’s systems to target "fewer than 5" of its clients, it said in a blog post.

JumpCloud did not identify the customers affected, but cybersecurity firms CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD.O) - which is assisting JumpCloud - and Alphabet-owned Mandiant (GOOGL.O) - which is assisting one of JumpCloud's clients - both said the hackers involved were known to focus on cryptocurrency theft.
Two people familiar with the matter confirmed that the JumpCloud clients targeted by the hackers were cryptocurrency companies.

The hack shows how North Korean cyber spies, once content with going after digital currency firms piecemeal, are now tackling companies that can give them broader access to multiple victims downstream - a tactic known as a "supply chain attack."

“North Korea in my opinion is really stepping up their game,” said Tom Hegel, who works for U.S. firm SentinelOne (S.N) and independently confirmed Mandiant and CrowdStrike's attribution.

Labyrinth Chollima is one of North Korea’s most prolific hacking groups and is said to be responsible for some of the isolated country’s most daring and disruptive cyber intrusions. Its theft of cryptocurrency has led to the loss of eye-watering sums: Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis said last year that North Korean-linked groups stole an estimated $1.7 billion worthof digital cash across multiple hacks.

(Reuters resource) By Christopher Bing and Raphael Satter

Markets Currency Performance

Currency 25/07 2023

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trading higher

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5:59 PM GMT+3
trading higher

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Heatwave Hits Cyprus

Tourist Are Cancelling Their Booking - Tourism Is Decreasing

Cyprus, being a Mediterranean island, experiences hot and dry summers, making it susceptible to heatwaves. Heatwaves are prolonged periods of excessively hot weather and can have various impacts on the environment, society, and infrastructure. Here are some potential impacts:

Health Risks: Heatwaves pose health risks, particularly for vulnerable populations such as the elderly, young children, and individuals with pre-existing health conditions. Heat-related illnesses like heatstroke, dehydration, and respiratory problems can occur during extreme heat events.

Water Resources: Heatwaves can lead to increased water demand for irrigation and domestic use, placing stress on water resources. Reduced rainfall during heatwaves can further exacerbate water scarcity issues and impact agriculture and water supply.

Agriculture and Ecosystems: Prolonged heatwaves can adversely affect agricultural production by drying out soil, reducing crop yields, and increasing the risk of wildfires. High temperatures can also disrupt ecosystems, impact biodiversity, and affect natural habitats.

Energy Demand: During heatwaves, there is often a surge in energy demand as people rely on air conditioning and cooling systems. This increased demand can strain the electricity grid and lead to power outages or load shedding if the infrastructure is not adequately prepared.

Tourism and Economy: Cyprus is a popular tourist destination, and heatwaves can have an impact on the tourism industry. Extremely hot weather may deter tourists, particularly if there are concerns about health risks and discomfort. This can affect the local economy, including businesses reliant on tourism.

To address the impacts of heatwaves, it is crucial for authorities and individuals to take measures such as implementing heatwave warning systems, promoting public awareness and preparedness, providing access to cooling centers, and implementing heat mitigation strategies such as urban greening and better building insulation.

Given the changing climate and the potential for more frequent and intense heatwaves, it is advisable to refer to recent reports, local authorities, and climate adaptation initiatives for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the specific impacts of heatwaves in Cyprus.

Morocco: The new Dubai ?

Morocco has been attracting investment from both domestic and international investors in various sectors. The country has made significant strides in economic development and has implemented reforms to create a favorable business environment. While investment safety depends on individual circumstances and risk tolerance, there are several factors that contribute to Morocco's appeal as an investment destination:

Stability and Security: Morocco has maintained political stability and security compared to some other countries in the region. The government has implemented measures to promote stability and security, which has contributed to a relatively safe investment environment.

Strategic Location: Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Morocco benefits from its strategic location as a gateway to these markets. It has well-established trade relations with various countries, offering opportunities for investment and trade.

Infrastructure Development: Morocco has invested heavily in infrastructure development, including transportation, energy, and telecommunications. This investment has improved connectivity and created opportunities for businesses to operate more efficiently.

Business-Friendly Environment: The Moroccan government has implemented reforms to streamline business procedures, attract investment, and promote entrepreneurship. Initiatives such as the creation of free zones, tax incentives, and investment promotion agencies aim to facilitate investment and enhance the business climate.

Sectoral Opportunities: Morocco offers investment opportunities in sectors such as renewable energy, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, information technology, and automotive industries. These sectors have received significant attention and support from the government, presenting potential for investors.

It is important to conduct thorough market research, understand the legal and regulatory framework, assess potential risks, and consult with professionals or advisors familiar with the Moroccan investment landscape before making any investment decisions. They can provide more specific insights tailored to your investment objectives and guide you through the process.

African clandestine Immigrants In Tunisia

Why southern Africans countries Are Migrating to Tunisia ?

Here is The answer :
 Tunisia should halt collective expulsions of sub-Saharan African migrants and urgently enable access to humanitarian services for those the government sent to a dangerous area of the Tunisia-Libya border, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Thursday.

Tunisia has removed hundreds of migrants to a desolate area along the border, a Tunisian rights group and a lawmaker said on Wednesday, with witnesses reporting dozens more were put on outbound trains after days of violence.

Disturbances between migrants and residents went on for a week in the port of Sfax and one Tunisian was killed. Residents complained of disorderly behaviors' by migrants and migrants complained of racist harassment.

Thousands of undocumented migrants have flocked to Sfax in recent months with the goal of setting off for Europe in boats run by human traffickers, amounting to an unprecedented migration crisis for Tunisia.

The people expelled were of many African nationalities including Ivorian, Cameroonian, Malian, Guinean, Chadian, Sudanese, Senegalese, and included 29 children and three pregnant women, HRW said.

Not only is it unconscionable to abuse people and abandon them in the desert, but collective expulsions violate international law," said Lauren Seibert, refugee and migrant rights researcher at HRW.

The Tunisian interior ministry did not respond to requests for comment.

The International Organization for Migration in Libya said despite the challenges in having access to the area, it was able to provide some emergency medical assistance to some migrants.

While the authorities transferred hundreds near the Libyan border, dozens African migrants are sleeping in the street near the Lakhmi Mosque in Sfax, witnesses said.

Videos showed some residents providing them with food and water.

There has been a surge in migration across the Mediterranean from Tunisia in north Africa this year after a crackdown by Tunis on migrants from sub-Saharan Africa living in the country illegally and reports of racist attacks.

Tunisia is under pressure from Europe to stop large numbers of migrants departing from its coasts. However, President Kais Saied said Tunisia will not be a border guard and it will not accept the settlement of immigrants in the country.